Ki-Washer 1.0

Ki-Washer is an Internet and Personal Computer cleaning utility
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Kalavath Infotech

Ki-Washer 1.0 is an Internet and PC cleaning utility.
The utility helps to erase all traces of Internet browsing. It also helps in enhancing the PC activity to improve system performance and security. It has an option to displays a list of cookies that exist on the computer. The user could exclude specified cookies from being erased by adding them to the 'Exclude' list. The PC stores a lot of information concerning the user’s browsing as cookies. This takes some space and can give unnecessary access to an intruder for getting hold of sensitive information. Erasing the cookies is essential as it also improves PC performance. The system usage tracks slow down the system. This utility helps to remove the cookies and tracks so made. The utility has in-built basic wash options which can be extended to clean any folder/registry so required. Custom plug-ins via user friendly screens can also be created.

The user could use the Internet cleaning option for auto complete forms, cookies, cache and history. The PC cleaning option clears recycle bin, recent documents, windows run history, windows temp files etc. The plug-ins can also be customized for further possibilities.

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  • User friendly with customizable plug-ins


  • Poor graphic interface
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